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Want to sell on Amazon Australia?

There are 300 Million worldwide users on Amazon, so Amazon coming to Australia was only its natural progression. On Tuesday 5 December 2017, Amazon Australia finally officially launched. Having your business listed on its online marketplace will now allow accessing its fulfilment by Amazon service, which selects, packages and ships products on the seller’s behalf.

JTM Cargo Management has geared up for this, we have done intensive research on Amazon’s requirements. We are well-equipped to handle shipments of this nature from the supplier’s door to the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon. Our team of consultants is here to guide you with what your business needs to become a seller on Amazon. We’ll review your business and devise a strategy for launching on the Amazon marketplace. If you are already on Amazon, we will review your account before making recommendations to increase performance. With the new introduction of FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), we have put together an FAQ for vendors who are interested in rolling this out in Australia.

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