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Coastal shipping in Sydney

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Coastal shipping in Sydney

Coastal shipping includes international or Australian flagged vessels from the eastern seaboard of Australia to WA. A broad definition of coastal shipping also covers goods moving across Bass Strait via dedicated Australian flagged vessels.

Coastal shipping to WA is serviced by foreign or Australian flagged vessels that provide international services for imports and exports to and from Australia, typically from Asian ports.

There are two primary reasons for this outcome, and why coastal shipping is a more cost-effective option. The first is that the great majority of cargo that moves between the eastern seaboard (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) and Perth moves from East to West. There is insufficient demand for goods from Perth to fill a regular vessel and therefore ships would essentially travel back to the East relatively empty. Therefore from a shipping perspective, the opportunity for the international ships to send cargo one way as they make their way around the bottom of Australia is ideal to provide a competitively priced transport service for non-time critical cargo, thus removing the need for a dedicated coastal service.

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Advantages of coastal shipping

In the 2013-14 financial year, almost one million metric tonnes of fertiliser was moved on ships between Australian ports. The primary reason why shippers prefer to use sea freight over road and rail is the cost of the door-to-door service. Coastal shipping can offer customers cost savings of 40-50% or even more in the case of very dense cargo like steel products when compared to rail. Even greater savings of 60-65% are achievable when compared to line haul services by road from eastern Australia to WA.

JTM Cargo Management offers east coast sea freight coastal shipping solutions from the ports of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to Fremantle (Perth) as a gateway to the rest of Western Australia. We have the right expertise and logistical network to guide you through the requirements and work with you to provide the right solution.

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JTM Cargo Management coastal shipping solutions and benefits

Containerised and break-bulk consignments

Multiple sailings each week

Covers all major Australian ports, with an option to include the end destination delivery point via road

Significantly reduced costs compared to rail or road transport

Environmentally friendly. Coastal shipping is the lowest carbon-emitting mode of transport on a tonne per kilometer basis versus other modes, according to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE)

All about coastal shipping

Frequently asked questions

What is coastal shipping?

Coastal shipping involves the transportation of people and goods, to and from, ports in different Australian states and territories.

Why use coastal shipping services?

Coastal shipping incorporates domestic cruising, ferry transportation as well as the shipping of goods between Australian ports. Coastal shipping is a cost-effective way to transport vital cargo such as coal, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), metallic ores, cement, steel and fertiliser supplies Australia-wide.

What are the primary benefits of coastal shipping?

Cost effective

Shipping by sea is the most economical way to transport goods across large distances. Sea freight offers customers cost savings of 40-50% less than air, rail or road freight.

Reduced damage

Shipping by sea is a form of transportation suitable for all goods, including fragile products such as plasterboard. Customers experience less damage to their cargo when shipping by sea than with other harsher modes of transportation.

Over-dimensional cargo

Over-dimensional cargo requires specialist shipping due to the tight rail and road restrictions around the transportation of such goods. Cargo destined for Perth is often limited to transportation by road, but some shipping companies offer specialist over-dimensional sea freight services for cargo that cannot be containerised. Once cargo is loaded onto the vessel the process is then plain sailing. Shipping over-dimensional cargo by sea is easier and more economical than other modes of transport and does not require permits or escorts.

At which Australian ports does JTM Cargo Management offer coastal shipping?

JTM Cargo Management offers sea freight coastal shipping solutions from the ports of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to Fremantle, Perth.

What items are restricted or prohibited from being imported into Australia?

Goods for import such as firearms, steroids and tobacco require a valid permit issued by the Department of Home Affairs. Duty and other taxes are still applicable.

What solutions and benefits can JTM Cargo management offer for coastal shipping?
  • Containerised and break-bulk consignments.
  • Multiple sailing schedules.
  • We cover all major Australia ports with the option to include pick up at port and delivery to the final destination by road.
  • Reduced transportation costs.
  • Coastal shipping is an environmentally friendly mode of transporting goods across long distances.


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