What are the advantages of air freight for Australia?

When is air freight your best choice for moving goods from point A to point B? Obviously land transport works the best for deliveries within the Melbourne metro area or from Sydney to anywhere in New South Wales. But, if you are shipping from Brisbane to Perth and do not want to endure the time involved in shipping by road, rail, or sea, air freight may well be your best choice. When you need air freight Australia uses JTM Cargo Management. Clearly when shipping or receiving goods outside of Australia your choices are shipping by sea or by air. When do you use one versus the other?

Air Freight Is Fast

When rapid delivery is important, air freight is your fastest option. Sending or receiving goods to or from any part of the world takes anywhere from a few hours to a day or two with air freight whereas it can take weeks to more than a month to ship by sea to and from the UK, continental Europe, or the East Coast of the USA. Air freight from coast to coast within Australia takes a few hours while road or rail shipments take days. For perishable items for when time is of the essence air freight is your best choice.

Air Freight Is Reliable

Air shipments reliably get to their destinations on time without getting lost or mislaid along the way. Even when a flight is missed, by using air freight Australia still gets its shipments within the next day as opposed to the next week or month with slower shipping methods. With less time involved in transit and typically fewer transfers along the way, there is less chance of a mistake or lost property.

With Air Freight Australia Can Ship Anywhere

Road, rail, and sea systems of transport usually involved major networks of transportation. These systems usually do not serve smaller nations, island nations like most of Polynesia, or remote areas like the Australian Outback. But, airplanes can fly to any location that has a landing strip. Air freight reliably gets your products to any spot on the globe and in a hurry.

Ship Securely with Air Freight

All other factors aside, when you want to make sure that your shipments are secure, air freight is your best option. When safety of high value shipments is most important, we at JTM Cargo management use air freight. With less time in transit and very little handling, theft is virtually unheard of. Airport safety controls are very reliable and clearance of shipments takes place in hours instead of days or weeks.

Cut Down on Insurance, Warehousing, and Packaging Costs with Air Freight

Because air shipments are handled less and spend less time in transit they require less cost in packaging and also have reduced insurance costs. Warehousing is virtually unheard of as opposed to shipments by sea, road, or rail.

For Easy Tracking, Use Air Freight

Not only do air shipments get to their destinations quickly and efficiently, they are easier to track with flight numbers and up to date flight information so that you can typically see exactly where your shipment is and know to the moment when it arrives at its destination.

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