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JTM Cargo provides superior freight forwarding solutions that are tailored to meet our clients’ specific business requirements, under the guidance of our expert logistics consultants. We offer our freight consulting service to help clients who want to maximise their business potential. Our consultants provide solid strategies on how clients can effectively increase their efficiencies, reduce risks and minimise costs.

As a professional freight management consultancy company, each of our qualified logistics experts understands the impact that poor logistics solutions can have on your business. Choosing a freight forwarder that does not have the best interests of your business at heart could cost you money, your clients and your business. At JTM Cargo, we offer our outstanding logistics consulting services to all our clients because your business is our business. Ultimately, your business success is our success, and we are driven to provide freight forwarding solutions that not only work but are cost-effective. As one of Sydney’s finest logistics consultancy firms, JTM Cargo is always striving to maintain our reputation and to deliver the goods with first-rate customer service.

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Have you used freight forwarders in Australia and freight consultancy services that fell short of your expectations in the past? It is in your best interests to engage a company that not only understands your business needs, but also has an in-depth understanding of logistics.

Freight and logistics consulting is a specialist service that we offer to clients who want to grow their business by maximising efficiencies. Our consultants evaluate your business and deliver customer and growth strategies, as well as performance improvement plans.

At JTM Cargo, we also extend our freight and logistics consulting service to include advice on how to claim government grants. We offer customs support and guidance to ensure your compliance with Australian customs legislation and offer strategies to minimise any duty payable wherever legally possible.

We utilise our advanced freight forwarding consulting skills to tailor seamless logistics solutions that offer you peace of mind. As expert forwarding consultants, we provide clear, customised solutions that work. From strategy development to planning through to execution, the entire process is finely tuned and monitored throughout. Our consultants will identify problem areas and address then rectify your supply chain issues for more cost-effective and productive outcomes. Contact JTM Cargo today for more information about our consultancy services.


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